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I came to live in Britain in 2001 from Spain. I grew up in a big city and worked in an office for 14 years but I always felt a great affinity with the natural world and would escape to the mountains as often as possible for walking and climbing. On one of those trips I met an old man, a shepherd and spoonmaker, and became fascinated by his skills of transforming a piece of wood into simple, beautiful and useful objects.


From that day, more than 20 years ago, I've been totally passionate about working with wood and all it's possibilities. So, I became a woodcarver and greenwood worker. This background taught me that sometimes small details make all the difference and also to respect the beauty and character of the wood. Later on I worked for a conventional carpenter-builder for 3 years, which taught me how to build solid, more complex structures.

After that I started working on my own and took part in courses on traditional and round pole timber framing in 2009 with Ben Law. A fundamental source of inspiration has been Lloyd Kahn's books, such as, 'Shelter' or 'Home Work'.


I lived in small, hand made spaces (vans, caravans, narrow boats and cabins...) for more than 10 years, which gave me a deep understanding of how to make the best use of the space available, the importance of a good design and of using beautiful natural materials.

With Lloyd Kahn, Scotland 2016