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"A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul" Phillip Moffit


I believe that everyone has the right to live in a nice home.


I build homes for people that want something different. Mostly made of wood, mainly small to medium size, always warm and welcoming. Wooden cabins, campervans, narrowboats, caravans, saunas, shelters and summer houses... I also build bespoke, one-off kitchens, wardrobes, cupboards and other items of furniture for conventional houses.


I source the wood as locally as I can, often felling the trees myself. When that is not possible, I use UK grown timber from a small local, family run sawmill. I buy the timber roughly sawn which allows me to hand finish it, respecting its character, according to the requirements of the job. That gives me a deep understanding of the material and how to better adapt it to the needs of the customer. I also use reclaimed timber as often as I can.


I only use natural paints, finishes and insulations and avoid man made materials as they are generally laden with harmful chemicals. I also enjoy using other materials such as tiles, mosaic, stained glass, copper and brass etc.


I use a combination of traditional hand tools (axes, knives, chisels, adzes) and modern ones (chainsaw, angle grinder, cordless drills etc) to get an organic finish, pleasing to the eye and to the hand.


I adopt an inclusive approach with customers. It's very important to me that the people who are going to live and use a space are involved as much as possible in the whole process, from the design to the finishing stages. I'm happy to consider almost any arrangement, from working alongside the customer, technical advice only, to running the job with volunteers. I have done and enjoyed all these types of jobs.


Due to my background as a greenwood worker, my approach to a project is normally very different to conventional carpentry, without most of the constraints and limitations of working with rigid ideas and dimentional timber. I'm always happy to explore new territories.



Please check out the photos of some of my previous work in the projects section.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss, no matter how unusual.